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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this a natural product?
    DIAB-X® is an all natural, non-allergenic, caffeine-free, vegetarian product. It meets or exceeds U.S. Pharmacopoeia standards and is manufactured in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Procedures) and is GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) affirmed.

  2. How does this product work?
    DIAB-X® helps metabolize fat, turn protein into muscle and convert sugar into energy. It also inhibits enzymes that convert carbohydrates into fat and promotes an increase in the formation of stored energy into glycogens. Recent studies show that an active ingredient in this product increases fat oxidation and helps signal the brain to turn off hunger signals.

  3. What are the active ingredients in this product?
    There are two patented, active ingredients: Chromium nicotinate, a patented oxygen-coordinated niacin-bound chromium complex and the South Asian fruit extract, Garcinia cambogia.

  4. What is the recommended dose of this product?
    To realize results similar to those documented in clinical studies, it's recommended that you take 1 tablet, before every meal, 1/2 to 2 hours before each meal.

  5. Why do I have to take this product 1/2 to 2 hours before each meal?
    In order for the product to properly enter your system, it's recommended that you take this prior to, rather than with your meals.

  6. What makes it different from other brands?
    DIAB-X® has been clinically documented, in tests conducted at over 19 leading medical institutions, to help promote healthy blood sugar and weight loss results. DIAB-X® conforms to the exact dosage, purity and ingredient levels used in clinical testing

  7. How long do I have to take this product?
    Results vary, depending on your current health and body weight conditions.

  8. Are there any side effects?
    Based on clinical studies, there have been no known or documented side effects from taking this product.

  9. Are there any other benefits from this product?
    Clinical studies confirm that the active ingredients in DIAB-X® also increase serotonin levels, a neurotransmitter involve in mood, sleep and appetite control which may address emotional issues overweight people face, including binge-eating and depression.

  10. Who should not take this product?
    People with medical conditions should always consult their doctor before taking any supplements.

  11. Can this product be used by children?
    All clinical studies conducted to date have been done with adult participants. It is belived to be safe for adolescents as well.

  12. What happens when I stop taking this product?
    There are no withdrawal or adverse effects when you stop taking this product.

  13. How long does it take before it starts to work?
    Results vary from individual to individual, dependant on health, diet, exercise and adherance to recommended dosages, and pre-meal absorption.

More Questions

Clinical Strengh Super CitriMax®

  • What is Super CitriMax®?

    Super CitriMax® is an all-natural, safe and effective plant extract used as diet ingredients. Extracted from the South Asian fruit Garcinia cambogia and Super CitriMax® contains standardized levels of (-) hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which has been clinically shown to suppress appetite and inhibit fat production, without stimulating the central nervous system.

  • What does Super CitriMax® do?
    • Helps control appetite
    • Inhibits fat synthesis
    • Helps promote healthy weight control
  • How does Super CitriMax® work?

    Super CitriMax® works by inhibiting the enzymes that convert carbohydrates into fat. If not utilized for energy, carbohydrates are converted into fat and stored in the body. Super CitriMax® inhibits the conversion of carbohydrates into fat and promotes an increase in the formation of stored energy as glycogen. This also signals the brain to turn off hunger signals. New studies show that clinical strength doses of Super CitriMax® actually increase fat oxidation ("burning"), as well as brain serotonin levels, a neurotransmitter involved in mood, sleep and appetite control, which may help address many of the emotional issues overweight people face, including binge-eating and depression. No other HCA product has been shown to do this.

  • How is Super CitriMax® different?

    Patented, high potency Super CitriMax® works naturally without stimulating the central nervous system. It is also non-habit forming and will not cause sleeplessness, nervousness or rapid heart rate associated with diet stimulants such as Ma-Huang (ephedra) or caffeine.

    Super CitriMax® is manufactured under strict laboratory-controlled procedures to ensure optimum potency, purity and efficacy. It is also more soluble and better absorbed than other HCA products, and is low in HCA lactone, a less effective form of HCA found in many generic HCA products.

  • What is the difference between CitriMax® and Super CitriMax®?

    CitriMax® is InterHealth's original HCA diet ingredient introduced in 1994. Standardized to 50% (-) hydroxycitric acid, regular CitriMax® consists of HCA bound to calcium in a stable ~70% soluble form. Super CitriMax® consists of HCA bound to calcium and potassium in a stable, highly bioavailable 100% soluble form standardized to 60% (-) hydroxycitric acid (patent-pending). In contrast, most HCA ingredients contain 50% HCA, are less than 50% soluble and less bioavailable than Super CitriMax®. As an added bonus, the potassium in Super CitriMax® is an important mineral necessary for energy production and fat metabolism. Super CitriMax® is also tasteless, colorless and odorless in solution, which makes it well suited for use in food and beverage products.

  • What did the Super CitriMax® human clinical studies show?

    In two, 8-week, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical studies, researchers have shown that clinical strength doses of Super CitriMax® is a powerful all-natural diet aid clinically proven to:

    • Curb appetite
    • Burn fat
    • Reduce body weight (3-times greater than diet and exercise alone)
    • Maintain healthy cholesterol levels
    • For more information on the Super CitriMax® clinical study, click here: Super CitriMax® Clinical Study.

  • What does Super CitriMax® Clinical Strength mean?

    Super CitriMax® Clinical Strength refers to the HCA potency, bioavailability and dosage used in the Super CitriMax® human clinical study. HCA has been sold as a safe, all-natural diet ingredient for years with mixed results. The reason isn't really a mystery-not all HCA products are created equal. They vary according to potency, bioavailability and dosage, each of which is critical to effectiveness. Taken together, the 60% HCA potency, superior bioavailability and clinically tested doses used in the Super CitriMax® clinical study has resulted in a new generation diet product like no other.

  • How much CitriMax® / Super CitriMax® should I take?

    The recommended minimum adult daily dosage is 1500 milligrams HCA per day, split into three doses of 500 milligrams 30-60 minutes before meals. For best results, 2700 milligrams HCA per day, split into three doses of 900 milligrams 30-60 minutes before meals (the dose used in the Super CitriMax® Clinical Study) is recommended and may be safely taken. (Note: Recommended dose is for HCA, not milligrams of CitriMax®. For example, Super CitriMax®, which contains 60% HCA, provides 600 milligrams HCA per gram of Super CitriMax®. Thus, a daily dose of 2700 milligrams HCA requires 4500 milligrams Super CitriMax®. Don't be fooled by products labeled as Garcinia cambogia extract standardized for (-) hydroxycitric acid, which label the amount of Garcinia, not the active (-) hydroxycitric acid. These products typically contain ineffective levels of HCA.) For additional information on dosing, follow manufacturers recommended use printed on the label and/or talk to your healthcare professional.


  • What is ChromeMate®?

    ChromeMate® (generically called chromium nicotinate, chromium polynicotinate or niacin-bound chromium) is a patented oxygen-coordinated niacin-bound chromium complex that plays an important role in proper insulin function, maintenance of healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels, normal energy production, and promotion of healthy body weight. Protected by three U.S. Patents, four international patents and other world-wide patents pending, ChromeMate® is the only niacin-bound chromium supplement with proven biological activity.

  • What does ChromeMate® do?

    Combined with exercise and a sensible diet, ChromeMate® helps:

    • Maintain healthy body weight and promotes normal energy metabolism
    • Maintain healthy cholesterol levels and promotes cardiovascular health
    • Promote normal insulin function and maintains healthy blood sugar levels
  • How does ChromeMate® work?

    Chromium is at the heart of a biologically active complex called Glucose Tolerance Factor or "GTF", which is responsible for potentiating (increasing) the action of insulin in the body. Insulin is a vital hormone responsible for transporting glucose inside cells and maintaining proper blood sugar and blood lipid (cholesterol) levels in the body. Chromium helps insulin metabolize fat, turn protein into muscle and convert sugar into energy. In fact, chromium-activated insulin increases the amount of blood sugar available for energy production nearly twenty-fold.

    A lack of chromium can result in type II diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Dr. Walter Mertz, former director of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Human Nutrition Research Center, established that GTF chromium consists of chromium bound to the B-vitamin, niacin. ChromeMate® is a unique form of oxygen-coordinated niacin-bound chromium found to be 18-times more potent than other forms of niacin-bound chromium tested. Protected by three U.S. patents, four international patents and other world-wide patents pending, ChromeMate® is the only niacin-bound chromium supplement with proven biological activity.

  • How is ChromeMate® different?

    ChromeMate® is a unique, patented niacin-bound chromium complex that significantly increases the bioavailability and biological activity of chromium. Studies have shown that ChromeMate® is 18-times more bioactive than other forms of niacin-bound chromium and, in animal models used to evaluate bioavailability in humans, is absorbed and retained more than 600% greater than chromium chloride and 300% greater than chromium picolinate.** Additional clinical (human) and sub-clinical (animal) studies have shown that ChromeMate® lowers serum cholesterol and improves HDL (good) cholesterol levels, lowers blood pressure, reduces body weight, increases lean body mass and promotes proper insulin function in the body. One study showed that ChromeMate® plus exercise in obese women resulted in significant loss of body weight, while chromium picolinate did not. Another study in obese human subjects showed that ChromeMate® reduced body fat, while sparing lean muscle mass.

    **Results of six tissues tested one hour after administration. Absorption and retention decreased in all groups at each successive time point measured, but continued to be greatest in animals fed ChromeMate®.

  • How much ChromeMate® should I take?

    The recommended adult daily dosage is 200-400 micrograms (elemental chromium as ChromeMate®) taken with a meal. For additional information on dosing, follow manufacturer's recommended use printed on the label and/or talk to your healthcare professional.

Nutrition from the American Diabetes Association

  • Why do I need to see a dietitian?

    Registered dietitians (RDs) have training and expertise in how the body uses food. RDs who understand diabetes can teach you how the food you eat changes your blood glucose level and how to coordinate your diabetes medications and eating. Do you know how many calories you should eat each day? How to cut down on the fat in your meals? How to make eating time more interesting? An RD can help you learn the answers to these, and lots of other questions. Your dietitian will work with you to create a healthy eating plan that includes your favorite foods.

  • Can I eat foods with sugar in them?

    For almost every person with diabetes, the answer is yes! Eating a piece of cake made with sugar will raise your blood glucose level. So will eating corn on the cob, a tomato sandwich, or lima beans. The truth is that sugar has gotten a bad reputation. People with diabetes can and do eat sugar. In your body, it becomes glucose, but so do the other foods mentioned above. With sugary foods, the rule is moderation. Eat too much, and 1) you'll send your blood glucose level up higher than you expected; 2) you'll fill up but without the nutrients that come with vegetables and grains; and 3) you'll gain weight. So, don't pass up a slice of birthday cake. Instead, eat a little less bread or potato, and replace it with the cake. Taking a brisk walk to burn some calories is also always helpful.

  • Why does losing weight help my diabetes?

    Weight loss helps people with diabetes in two important ways. First, it lowers insulin resistance. This allows your natural insulin (in people with type 2 diabetes) to do a better job lowering blood glucose levels. If you take a diabetes medicine, losing weight lowers blood glucose and may allow you to reduce the amount you're taking, or quit taking it altogether. Second, it improves blood fat and blood pressure levels. People with diabetes are about twice as likely to get cardiovascular disease as most people. Lowering blood fats and blood pressure is a way to reduce that risk.

  • How can I cut the fat in my diet?

    Here are some beginning hints. See a dietitian for more advice. Stir-fry foods in tiny amounts of oil and lots of seasonings. Choose nonfat or low-fat selections, such as nonfat or 1% milk or low-fat cheese. Keep portion sizes on target. Avoid fried foods -- bake, grill, broil, or roast vegetables and meat instead.

  • Are some fats better than others?

    Yes. Monounsaturated fats are the healthiest for your body. Nuts -- like almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, and peanuts -- and avocados contain this type of fat. Choose olive or canola oil for cooking. Polyunsaturated fat is the next healthiest fat. This is found in corn oil, safflower oil, soybean oil, and mayonnaise. Use small amounts of foods that contain saturated fats like butter, lard and meat fat, bacon, and shortening. There are lower-fat versions of foods that contain saturated fats, like sour cream and cream cheese. A healthy diet includes less than 30% of calories from fat, with less than 10% of these from saturated fat.

  • What foods can I eat a lot of?

    Forget about eating with abandon. The key to healthy living is moderation. Air-popped popcorn may be low in fat, but it still has calories. And calories count. If you can control the portion sizes of the food you eat, you will be able to eat a wider variety of foods, including your favorites, and still keep your blood sugar in your target range.

  • What can I do if I overeat over the holidays?

    Put on your walking shoes and head for the pavement. Being more active helps lower your blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol. Physical activity uses up extra sugar in your blood and helps your insulin work better.

  • Can I use low calorie sweeteners?

    Low calorie sweeteners are safe for everyone except people with phenylketonuria, who should not use aspartame. Calorie-free sweeteners like aspartame, saccharin, sucralose and acesulfame-K won't increase your blood glucose level. The sugar alcohols -- xylitol, mannitol, and sorbitol -- have some calories and do slightly increase your blood glucose level. Eating too much of any of these can cause gas and diarrhea.

  • How much weight should I lose each week?

    Limiting your weight loss to 1/2 to 1 pound a week will keep you healthy, and let you enjoy the foods you love in small amounts. A slow steady weight loss is the key to keeping lost weight off.

  • Can I drink alcohol?

    Yes, in moderation. Moderation is defined as two drinks a day for men and one drink a day for women. A drink is a 5-ounce glass of wine, a 12-ounce light beer, or 1-1/2 ounces of 80-proof distilled spirits. Make sure that your medications don't require avoiding alcohol, and get your doctor's okay.

  • Isn't glucose control easier if I eat the same things every day?

    Probably, but this method of blood glucose control isn't very nutritious, not to mention boring. One of the keys to nutrition is eating a variety of foods each day. By checking your blood glucose two hours after starting to eat a meal, you can learn how different foods affect you. Over time, you will be able to predict how foods, and combinations of foods, affect your blood glucose level.

  • What vitamins will help my diabetes?

    If you have a vitamin or mineral deficiency, it could be causing problems with your glucose control. For instance, one study found that taking the trace element chromium improved glucose control in subjects who had a chromium deficiency. More studies need to be done. If you choose a variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, and meat each day, and keep your blood sugar close to your target range, you probably don't need to take vitamin supplements because of diabetes.

  • Are there herbs that will help my diabetes?

    Many herbs supposedly have glucose-lowering effects, but there are not enough data on any herb to recommend it for use in people with diabetes. Herbs are not considered food by the Food and Drug Administration and are not tested for quality or content. Therefore, products can be promoted as helping health conditions without having to show evidence of this. Discuss the herbal dietary supplements with your doctor or dietitian before trying them. They may interact poorly with your diabetes medication.