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"DIAB-X®" High Blood Sugar a Problem?

Find Selected All Natural Supplements in Diab-X, Created For Blood-Sugar Support & Effective Weight Control. Made in the USA, Now in the 7th Year (GMP). >Read below for More Supportive Articles, Mini-Courses, eBooks and Great Blogs on Diabetes.

Does Your Very Health and Survival Revolve Around Finding a Way

to: Bring Your Blood Sugar Level Down and Taking Some Weight Off?

    ...How is your current Program working out for you?

If your Doctor was also your friend and cousin, ask your self, "What might he/she tell you on a Sunday Afternoon," while visiting you in your yard, over a plate of fresh, crisp Vegtables - and let's say, for a couple of hours?? JUST what else does your cousin (The doctor) know about Defeating Diabetes Naturally!

We are in our 7th Year of offering a variety of Helpful and Friendly Support like: Free Mini-Courses (In the column to the right), several supportive web sites with over 400 searchable articles - all free, plus free NY Times best selling eBooks, and blogs loaded with real information on drugs like Metformin, and on...don't forget to read about our all Natural Supplement Diab-X. Ask for all this supportive information at info@Diab-X.com   

Best Health to you and your family

"THE FINAL WORD. . . "Does it Work?"

Ingredients are Reveiled by Over 100 Clinical and Published Studies, you can read them here: PUBLISHED Studies.

Studies show separately that each ingredient shows NO Common SIDE EFFECTS. Safety Studies are performed on each ingredient.

Each ingredient has studies that demonstrate they are Hypo-Allergenic when tested for common Allergic Reactions.

Zero Stimulants Added. Ephedra FREE, NO Caffeine, NO coffee. NO Yeast, Diuretics, Wheat, Corn, Soy, Milk, Artificial Colors or Preservatives.

Each ingredient is Certified Vegetarian for Optimal Health and Energy.

These Ingredients are processed in the USA in a California Plant and are complient with Prop 65 for Heavy Metal Standards and Contains NO Pesticides or Herbicides.

Full Strength. Manufacturing in USA Drug Plants insures FULL STRENGTH Formula and Purity Found in the Clinical Studies.

Safely and Proudly Made in the USA in Clean Manufacturing Plants that operate Under Strict GMP Regulations.


Working with you to Normalize Blood Sugar and Normalize Weight.

Below is a Printable Version of the label allowing you to verify the EXACT list and strenght of each Ingredient in Diab-X. you are assured of purity and content by a Certified Manufacturer in the State of New Jersey, USA.

Printable Version of the Label Available HERE

Healthy Blood Sugar Levels. . .

Imagine A Life successfuly Managing Those High Blood Sugar Concerns. Isn't It Really About Normalizing High Blood Sugar Levels.

Order Diab-X® Today!


Scientists Say "It Works!". . .

With Diab-X® You Get the Guarantee:

ONLY Full Clinical Level Doses are Used. Our Ingredients  matche the exact amounts used in the successful clinical studies.

Each ingredient is tested and is fournd to be hypoallergenic; with NO stimulants that phony-up a reaction. ZERO Caffeine. Ephedra FREE. The key ingredients are protected by strong patents.

Over 100 individual clinical, professional and published studies on the ingredients document how they might be of help to people. We provide you with every single study available. . . All the successes. We don't just talk about them!

The Diab-X® program matches the recommendations of Major Diabetes Research Foundations. There is a complete Life-Style Program designed for SUCCESS available to holp you for free! Education and support starts with 3 NY Times best selling books, all FREE with your initial purchase of 3 bottles (90-day supply.) The books are from Jon Leonard's "Live Longer Now: The First 100 Years of Life" series.

Dr. Nicholas Perricone, a leading longevity expert and best-selling author, has identified one of our patented ingredients, Chromium (Chromemate), and recommends this Niacin Bound Chromium for Diabetic weight loss and blood sugar control. He feels this ingredient has "significant health benefits to those with Diabetes and with Metabolic Syndrome."

Diab-X® Ingredients target many other degenerative diseases as well. These ingredients as a supplement offer you a marvelous opportunity of support for the things that might go wrong. Read how normal levels of Serotonin might be promoted with the use of Diab-X® - A key to weight loss.


Order Diab-X® Today!


Full Dose and Quality. This is our pet peeve!! BEWARE of Any Imitators with ZERO Clinical Studies! Diab-x is dedicated to finding and developing only "natural solutions" with ingredients that are supported by clinical, PROVEN results.


The Clinical Studies. . .

Unlike many inferior products available today, the high-impact ingredients of Diab-X® have gone through extensive third party clinical studies. Don't trust your health to anything less!


Take Advantage Of Our RISK-FREE, IRON-CLAD 100% GUARANTEE!

You have nothing to lose...read our Guarantee below and you'll agree that we have the best 90-Day Unconditional Money Back Promise offered today:

90 Day Guarantee


A daily dose (3 tablets) of Diab-X® costs less than $1.97 at the single bottle price. The majority of our customers save even more money by taking advantage of our multi-bottle price break, which allows an even better value by saving you up to an additional 40%, bringing the cost down to as low as only $1.18 a day.

Plus your order is 100% GUARANTEED at ANY quantity!

Compared to everything you stand to lose if you don't make a change right now, Diab-X® costs less than a cappuccino. What else can you do for even $1.97 that will transform your lifestyle, your budget and your health?

The only way to see for yourself is to try Diab-X® for 30 days . . . if you want this above all else, the choice for better health is all yours.

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We receive hundreds of success stories each week from real people like you. Real people who are defeating diabetes, losing weight and improving their health with Diab-X®.

Everyone is asking where Diab-X® And these tested ingredinets has been all these years? Every day we hear how excited our customers are about their fast results. We unconditionally guarantee . . . when you simply try Diab-X® you will experience similar results as well, or it’s FREE!

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